U-Haul Moving Truck Rental

Moving? Save money on your move by transporting your belongings yourself with a U-Haul moving truck rental. Our U-Hauls are available in a range of sizes to handle any move, large or small.

26-foot uhaul

26 foot

20 foot uhaul

20 foot

15 foot uhaul

15 foot

10 foot uhaul

10 foot

  • YES

  • It’s free to book a U-Haul truck or trailer

  • U-Haul trucks can be rented anywhere in Canada or the USA

  • U-Haul trucks and trailers can be rented one way

  • U-Haul trucks can be rented round trip

  • U-Haul has different sizes of trucks and trailers

  • You can tow your vehicle behind your U-Haul truck

  • You can purchase U-Haul insurance

  • You can hire movers at most U-Haul centres

  • U-Haul centres offer 1 month free storage

  • You can fill out an online reservation on this site

uhaul van

U-Haul Van

6x12 uhaul trailer

6x12 Trailer

5x8 uhaul trailer

5x8 Trailer

auto transporter

Auto Transporter


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